About Us


Hello reader,

My name is Aleksandar and I am the creator of Honest Prepper, community blog about urban prepping and survivalism.

The blog was created in February, 2017 with the idea to help with increasing awareness level of importance of prepping in present day urban conditions, keeping in mind all aspects, natural, social, political or economical. We live in insecure times, so being ready for the unexpected does not hurt, does it?

I am not trying to target any specific regional community or country, so basically everybody’s opinion and engagement is welcome. You are all welcome to read our posts, share them and engage in comments. I also encourage guest writers to share their experience or opinions on this matter, but never if promotion of a product is their sole purpose. I will be more than happy to read through your material and publish it. Yet, I do not do paid reviews of products or services or accept free items in exchange for a review. Never.

At this point I am financing everything myself: investing time and effort, content creation, promotion, paying for the hosting server. So, in order to make this community blog more substantial, informative and competitive, or at least to keep it going, I might join 3rd party affiliate programs, such as Amazon or Google’s advertising service Adsense. One thing must be clear though – not one product will be reviewed for the sole purpose of sale. I think this is also a rising problem among many other blogs, and I want to steer clear from that. That’s exactly why I chose the name for the blog ‘honest’ prepper.

Speaking of expertise, I don’t believe I’m complete newbie in this area, but neither an expert. What I do believe is that over time our knowledge and experience will expand on this matter. It has to because the need has been already proven.

It’s not easy to face millions of potential readers in person. And since I’m just a regular guy with no prior experience with and exposure to mass media I’ve decided to go a little bit “under cover”.  That’s why, for now, I am wearing the mask of Honest Prepper. But as our community grows, that might change too.

Thank you for joining

Sincerely yours,

Honest Prepper