Gray Man – The myth or truth?

Gray Man – The myth or truth?

What is a gray man?

A ‘Grey Man’ is a concept or theory of being able to blend into your surroundings, so that you and your family can easily move unnoticed through a crowd during a time of civil unrest or any other major catastrophic event. The idea is to fade into the background of your environment and not draw attention to yourself so that you can safely get to the bug out location or to your home.


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How is the Grey Man concept related to prepping?

As a gray man, you will become less of a target for those looking to take advantage of someone. After the major catastrophic event, eventually, people will become desperate, so if you stand out as someone who has something of value, you will become a target.

What Grey Man is and what it is not?

A lot of people have a misconception of what a Grey Man actually is.


What Grey Man is and what it is not?

He should look like a normal average guy, a kind of a guy who would normally walk into a store and got out and nobody would notice. Nobody would remember him or could say that he’s ever been there. This is not just about not looking tactical, as many people think. That’s why it is really hard for some people to become a gray man, if not impossible. For instance, if you have a big recognizable scar on your hand or face, a tattoo, or if you’re too overweight or too muscle, you probably have a lot less chance of becoming one.

It is difficult for Americans to be “gray persons” because we have this huge sense of individuality.


How important is to be a gray man?

Well, it could help, but it’s not essential. Let’s take Hurricane Katrina as an example. Ordinary average people were getting robbed and mugged constantly. The fact that you’re carrying a bag or rucksack, might get others to think you have cash or something valuable they could use. Just think about it. So the solution is somewhere in the middle. Look average, but don’t look too good average or too soft, because you will basically identify yourself as a potential target that way.

What does it take to be a gray man?

  • Be average
  • No identifying logos on your shirt, hat, or anywhere else
  • Don’t wear things that create ‘stimulus’
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Avoid conversion
  • Don’t look too average, don’t look too soft
  • Fit in where you’re going. Look and act depending on the location
  • Difficult to describe, looking too ordinary
  • Wear common brands

To remember

Dressing, acting and carrying yourself in a manner that people’s eyes pass right over you and don’t notice you. There’s nothing remarkable about you when you are the ‘gray person’.

How to learn to become a gray man?

There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet about being or becoming a gray man or woman. Some of that stuff is really good and helpful, with simple and straightforward instructions. But, there are others, who promote step by step instructions, going so deep into the subject that they even make suggestions about what kind of teeth you should have. I think that’s a little bit too much or unnecessary at best.

Start noticing who you don’t notice!

So, how can you learn to become a gray man? Here’s a good example. What you can do for an exercise is to go to the airport, notice who you notice and why you notice them. And then start noticing who you don’t notice! And focus on them, and start writing down how do they carry themselves, what’s their physical condition, what’s their hair look like, colors of clothing, how they walk, etc …

Grey-man on YouTube useful resources:


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2 thoughts on “Gray Man – The myth or truth?

  1. For reasons that I cannot discuss, I spend a lot of time in airports looking for people (and no, I’m not TSA or local law enforcement). Here is a short list of individuals or groups that, in a SHTF situation, I believe would be vulnerable to assault:
    1. Obese people.
    2. Individuals being transported in wheel chairs (generally old or infirm).
    3. People with a walking cast or knee brace, indicating that they lack normal mobility.
    4. People walking with a pronounced limp (knee or hip problems).
    5. Women wearing tight or otherwise revealing clothing.
    6. Women wearing clunky elevator shoes or high heels.
    7. Parents pushing infant strollers or with toddlers.
    7. Parents with children that are not under control.
    8. Unobservant individuals that are wrapped up in their smart phones – no situational awareness of what is going on around them.
    9. High fashion dressers – men or women.

    I would estimate that about 35% of the people I observe are carrying a non-descript backpack.
    Most are casually dressed for travel comfort and generally blend in with the crowd.
    People that are physically fit, and/or that have good muscle tone,are noticeable; but is not a bad feature.
    Walking gait, posture and eye focus (situational awareness) are noticeable characteristics.


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