Hello world! Hello Preppers!

Hello world! Hello Preppers!

This is my first post. The WordPress says I should either edit it or delete it and then start writing!

Ok, I’ve decided to edit it a little bit, rather than delete, If anything, It’ll serve as a reminder of the date and time when Honest Prepper took off on the journey.

And I have no idea of where or how or IF this journey will ever end. That’s exactly why I am participating in the first place!

We preppers, we are not control freaks, we are not trying to predict every bad thing that could happen in the world. We are not pessimists.

‘Au contraire’ – we are the total opposite from that. We embrace the negative impacts of our mother nature and we understand the essence of our true meaning of us as human beings in the world. And this is – to survive.

That’s what we are. That’s why God made us.

To survive.

And I will do my best.


See you next year.


Yours truly,

Honest Prepper


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