Why Prepping and for what? – My story

Why Prepping and for what?  – My story

Dealing with raising awareness

Prepping is the rising topic in the last ten years. Ever since hurricane Katrina and several other economic and natural events, people have started to think about what ifs?!

Different people come to this subject from different angles. One group is preparing for economic collapse, others prepare for natural disaster, some think about a potential zombie apocalypse, different disease outbreaks, or whatever other reason they are preparing for. For me, preparedness is all about raising AWARENESS, nothing more, nothing less.

Ask yourself just how aware you are at this moment of your environment, the economic state of the country, foreign politics or potential natural events that might happen somewhere close to you, and also ask yourself are you ready for any of it?

The day I’ve realized that I had no awareness of any of those things I became the member of the world’s prepping community. It all began for me thanks to two distinct events which happened in very close proximity and time frame to one another, and although completely unrelated, made me stop in my tracks and think about the possibilities and outcomes for me in case of such an event.

In the wake of a flood

Event number one were the severe local floods couple of years ago.  The river embankment of this nearby small town had broken and water went and flooded the entire town. The footage on TV was overwhelming; it was Katrina all over again, but this time in my own back yard. I was in my living room watching TV, when first news reports came in. The scenes of people waving for help from their rooftops, and crazy water rushing through the streets were filling my brain. And then more news came in, other villages and little towns were having the same problems with their little rivers or even streams which had become these scary forces of nature just raging and taking everything in their path with them. It was a serious situation.

Don’t get me wrong, hurricane Katrina was so much worse but now when this is happening close to home, I came to realize these things can actually happen to anyone at any time. Of course, everybody jumped in to help. The government was doing their part, the neighbors were helping neighbors and even many strangers went there to pitch in wherever the help was needed. But, one thing became painfully obvious. It wasn’t quick enough. It took them days to reach everyone and bring them to safety and by then many people were hypothermic, dehydrated and overall in bad shape. The aftermath was heartbreaking.



How Safe Is Your Neighborhood?

The second event struck even closer to home. My next door neighbor, the mother of three was attacked just outside of our apartment building while going to the grocery store nearby. And let me just say this, we live in a very safe neighborhood, or at least I thought so until then. The unknown attacker came from behind and hit her in the head causing her to lose her footing. Then came on top of her and started hitting her in the face. She fought like a mama bear. Kicking and screaming from the ground, she managed to thwart the attack and the man fled probably fearing that someone might have heard her. The aftermath – she kept her wallet but ended up with the hairline fracture of her cheekbone and unbelievable black eye that took several weeks to even begin to look normal.


self defense

Only one thought was on my mind those days. That could’ve been my wife. That could’ve happened to my family. And these two events have changed my entire outlook on the world. I became a prepper, I became aware of my surroundings and I continue to upgrade my knowledge about different things over time. I never went overboard with this whole subject but I do have 10 days worth of food and water in my home. I have two go bags in house as well, for me and my wife and I also have one emergency bag in my car. The contents of my wife’s purse have changed over time and pepper spray is her constant companion now.  I have enrolled her in self defense classes and we both started working out. Now, let me tell you. First, if anything like that happens to me, I am far better prepared and equipped to deal with it than I was ever before, and secondly, thanks to the exercises, I feel much better, stronger and I also lost a few pounds in the process, which is nice.

The world is changing

There is one very important fact, which we all have to become aware of – the world is changing. And it is changing fast, with many things moving in a very unfavorable direction. Now, we can close our eyes, turn our heads and pretend it is not happening.  Or, we can become AWARE and take action, the only action possible – hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


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